Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 96 - May 23, 2016


What up?

This week was sooo Glorious. 

I want to begin by saying that I am truly grateful for my personal membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints.  I am grateful to belong and to represent the Restored Gospel. It's true.  I know it. 

This week we had Zone Conference and it turned out very well.  There were a lot of good things said and we all learned a lot.  In our mission right now, we are focusing a lot on "Find Teach and Baptize" and so we are constantly talking and thinking about how we can be more effective in these three areas.  The topic of the meeting was on these three things and I was able to share a few things about "Fear and Finding."  In other words, "Opening Our Mouth to Everyone." 

A thought came to me as I was preparing. 
It was this:  Every time we fear, we are thinking of our personal self.  And often times when we fear, we often start our thought or our words with "I," which in some situations can be classified by  Pride.  And the source of pride comes from the devil, so if we focus on the Savior and OTHERS, then all of a sudden we notice that we have no fear within us.

Recently as Elder Brown and I have been focusing on others, we have been able to receive more guidance from the Holy Ghost.  

Elder Brown and I have been able to set three baptismal dates this week.  HUGE MIRACLES!

One was a from a miracle 전도 about two weeks ago after District Meeting. Her name is Sister Moon Jung Sook.  She has come to church two times and 김수경 자매님 has done an amazing job at fellowshipping her. 

Every lesson we have taught has been with her and she has provided all the things that our investigator needs.  The lessons have been packed with the Spirit and after church yesterday, we went to Sister Kim's house and during the lesson Elder Brown and I felt really inspired to ask her to be baptized.  As Sister Kim was bearing her testimony, I looked over at Elder Brown and said, "We are going to invite her to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized." Then next thing we knew was that she was accepting our invitation to be baptized on June 5th.  The Spirit was so strong and Elder Brown, Sister Kim, and I were all very happy.
It was a great day and an experience I will always remember.

Our other investigator we met this week for the first time, we got a baptismal date in our first meeting.  I have never been able to do this on my mission!  The Spirit was so strong and his desire to follow Christ is huge.  He is my little brother, 18 years old and just such a stud!  He said straight to us that our meeting was "Glorious!" and he said he had the chills when we were showing him the baptismal font. 

We had four investigators out at church yesterday which was also Huge!!
The Lord is pouring the Heavens out upon 천안!

I love you!  Thank you for all your support! 

Elder Cole Thomas Johnson


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