Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week Seventeen - November 17, 2014

Family!  Hope all is Well!

I don't have a lot of time.  This week has been great.  Still working hard and trying to find new investigators.  My little fact for Korea is "Criss Cross Apple Sauce."  Cross legged kills me!  Hah!  I am trying hard to be able to sit cross legged for more than 30 mins.  HaHa!  It kills my knees.  But, it's getting better.  Koreans eat and sit and talk cross legged.  When we go to restaurants, we mostly take off our shoes and sit criss crossed.  It's great!

I have been working hard this week.  Trying to learn and grow.  I am learning so much from the scriptures, and I am really trying to study "Preach My Gospel."  We have 4 or 5 investigators, and we are really trying to help them progress.  Most of them aren't really keeping our commitments.  We met this guy from Vietnam, and he is really interested in our church.  We are meeting with him every week and are trying to help him understand the importance of this Gospel and how it changes lives!

I have been praying for specific gifts this week, and I have been being accountable to the Lord at the end of the day for how I will obtain each gift.  As we do our part, He blesses us.  I set daily goals, and I have seen so many blessings as I obey and accomplish my goals.

Sorry, I really don't have a lot of time this week.  The ward mission leader took us hiking today!  It was a blast!

We have an appointment in like 20 minutes, so we didn't have much time to e-mail.  Hope all is well. I love and pray for you every day.  Have a good week.


Elder Johnson

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