Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 54 - August 3, 2015


How are you!?  I still can't believe it has been over a year!  So crazy!  I hope all is well, and I hope Ty has a good birthday this week!  Wish I was there to spend it with you guys, but next year at this time, we will probably be in Korea for it!  YEAHHH BABBY! hah  Also, I met and was able to help a French family this week.  I met them on the street and I was able to help them go to their destination.  I felt like I got a small piece of Ty hah!  Also, Elder Holden speaks a little bit of French, so it was cool.  I wanted to like pull my phone out and  call you and ask you how to speak French hah, because I wanted to communicate with them but then I realized I couldn't.... haha.

Anyway, this week I have read a few conference talks, and I have read them with a prayerful heart asking the Lord which ones I needed to share with my family.  I hope that as you read these each individually, you feel the Spirit of the Lord strengthening our relationship as I am out here serving our Savior. 

Dad:  Priesthood and Personal Prayer.  Henry B. Eyring
Mom:  Parents:  The Prime Gospel Teachers of their Children.  Tad R. Callister
Tyler:  Stay by the Tree.  Kevin W. Pearson
Me:  Approaching the Throne with Confidence.  Jorg Klebingat
Izzy:  The Gift of Grace.  Elder Uchdorf
Luke J:  I Know These Things of Myself.  Craig C. Christensen.

If you feel the spirit testifying a truth of the gospel as you read these, please share it with me.  I love you guys!

Miracle Story:  So this week as we were meeting with our investigator that I talked about a few weeks ago (who owns the restaurant), it was about 4:50 in the afternoon and we had another important appointment at 5, about 15 minutes away that we had lined up with a member.  This appointment was with three people who are very diligent in attending the Baptist church.  One of them has a very keen knowledge of the Bible.  Anyway, we kept trying to end our lesson with our previous appointment, but it just kept on going and going pushing our time closer and closer.  As the appointment ended, we sprinted out the door and ran to the main street (meanwhile, it's blazing hot).  Well, on the way, I was praying my heart out for a taxi.  (Three weeks before, we stood in the same spot waiting for a taxi for over 30 minutes.. and the subway station is tooo far..)  So as I was praying and praying, we sprinted across the street to find no taxi.... Kept praying and praying... Praying and Praying.. finally about two minutes later.. (now 4:52) I turned around and a TAXI was right behind us.  I could see no taxis for miles and as we turned around, there was one right behind us!  Well it gets a lot better! Hah  As we jumped in the Taxi, I said to the taxi driver, "Whoaa, what a miracle!  We have been praying our heart out for someone to come quick because we have another really important appointment!  

LONG story short, the taxi driver was like, "As I was coming down the street, I wanted to go right... but I had this thought that there wouldn't be anyone down the right street who would need a taxi.. so I kept going straight.. Then all of a sudden, out of the blue, I had a feeling I needed to flip a U turn and I know if I did there would be people who needed a ride.  As he acted on that random feeling to randomly flip a U turn on a really busy street, he was able to answer our prayers.  I know that the Lord knows us missionaries and works through others to answer our prayers.  As we continued talking to that man, he said he doesn't believe in God, but I know we planted a seed in his heart and allowed him to consider the existence of a being that can give us more help than we can ask for, who knows us more than we can comprehend, and who loves us each with a perfect love.  

I don't have much time, but my heart has been softened from the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I wanted to expound on this question but because of time I can't.  I want everyone who reads this email to really consider this question, "When was the last time you got down on your knees and thanked the Lord for the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?"
This week I have come to understand a little bit more of the truthfulness of this Gospel.  I am eternally grateful for it.  I am eternally grateful for all that our Savior did and does for us as well as my heart is full of gratitude for all that Joseph Smith, the young prophet, did to restore this truth.  I invite all to be thankful for this gospel and go about sharing it. 

I haven't born my testimony in an email in awhile and  this week I wanted to simply do so, 

There is not another book out there that testifies of the Savior, Jesus Christ, like the Book of Mormon does.  It is real. It is true and I know that with all that I am or all that I ever will be. Jesus Christ Lives.  He is my Savior and understands my weakness and errors.  He knows my heart.  I have come to know a little more this week of the asuredy that this is the true church upon this earth.  It is the Savior's who stands at its head, arming us "with righteousness and with the Power of God in great glory.") 1Ne 14:14 

I am grateful for it.  I am blessed to live and share it.  I love my mission and am eternally grateful for each blessing I have obtained thus far.  Alma 37;36-37 is becoming a part of me. 

I love you.  Have a great week!

Elder Cole Thomas Johnson

Trust(ing) in the Source. P.A.C.E.

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