Friday, July 31, 2015

Week 53 - July 27, 2015


How was you week?  Everyone sounds good! 

This week was super good.  Had a lot of miracles and were able to meet some new investigators.

One of our investigators we found was from a church in Korea that is a big cult.  When you first meet them, they don't tell you what church they are from because they try to keep it a secret, but when we met this kid around my age this week, he told us he was from this particular church.  Anyway we were able to set a lesson up with one of our members and all this student wanted to do was fight through the Bible.  We explained to him that we are here out of love and sharing the message of the  Restored Gospel.  After about 30 minutes of our member talking with him, I had a prompting from the Spirit and I followed it.  I simply asked him if he has ever knelt down in prayer and asked our all-knowing source, our Heavenly Father, if what he was saying was true.  He tried changing the subject many times but finally he admitted that he hasn't.  If it is one testimony that I have gained on my mission, it is that God does hear and WILL answer our prayers.

Last week in Elder Copeland's letter, he talked about noticing little miracles.  I wanted to add to a little bit of what he said and share a little something I have done with my companions throughout the last six months of my mission.  I learned this from a companion when I was younger, named Elder Oehler.  Each and every day when we come home to plan for the next day as we finish up our stats, we write down one miracle we saw that day.  As I have done this, I have really been able to recognize the Lord's hand in my life.  It has been one year and I can't help but be so grateful to the Lord for each and every blessing He has granted me thus far.  I am blessed beyond my knowledge, and I am so grateful for my mission.  My mission will and is teaching me how I will endure in this Gospel throughout the rest of my life.  I am grateful.

I also finished reading all of the Book of Mormon this week and my testimony of it has been strengthened.  I know that it is God's word.  It has brought me so much happiness, and I am so grateful to share from it every day.  I have a testimony that through following its teachings and through diligent study, we can obtain the Spirit. 

The weather here is crazy.  It's either pouring rain and blazing hot with the humidity just a million degrees or the sun is out and its still a million degrees hahah. 

I want to share a scripture that reminded me of something Dad shared with me last week.  It is in the Bible 1 John 4:7.  In simplicity it says, "God Is Love."

I am grateful for the Love of God.  It heals hearts, changes lives and makes us better people!

I love you guys, sorry not a lot of time this week. 


Elder Cole Thomas Johnson

P.A.C.E. Trust(ing) in the Source.

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