Monday, January 25, 2016

Weeks 77, 78, and 79 - January 25, 2016


This week has been FREEZING.  But super good.  Seen a lot of miracles. 

I don't have a lot of time, but this week I went on a split in a different area for one day and 
we spent the whole day on the streets talking to the people in the snow.  We shoveled walks, talked to people, went into gas stations, restaurants and just about everything to serve and talk to people.  The Lord gave us so many opportunities.  We ended up getting 8 phone numbers and taught a few lessons.  It was great.  The area that I went to is having struggles finding investigators and so that was our main focus was, finding.  I did the split with an Elder from Ohio that is 28 years old.  He is great!  He went through a lot to get out here on his mission.  I learned a lot from him and thanked him for his great example.

I have recently been focusing on Sacrifice.
Blessings are obtained through sacrifice.  It is a sacrifice to be obedient.  It is a sacrifice to exercise faith and blessings come from obedience and exercising faith.  Sacrificing isn't easy, but it's how we obtain blessings.  If there is a mission rule or commandment that is hard to keep, keeping it will bring blessings.  Sacrifice is one of the biggest acts of Love we can show.  I am focusing on sacrifice and I have seen the blessings.

Last week our investigator Max didn't come to church so we have to move his date back. We are praying for him!

Also, yesterday we were out in the FREEZING dumping snow and we ran in to our old investigator with a baptismal date.  He is from Philippines and said he wants to start coming back out to church.  We are praying for things to go well! 

I love you all and hope you have a good safe week!

Elder Cole Thomas Johnson


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  1. Who is he? From the philippines? Lol! We will miss u. U will see this message after 4 months now. Cheers!