Friday, April 1, 2016

Week 80 - January 31, 2016

I hope everything is going well.
I wanted to share a few cool stories this week! 

On the Morning of District meeting this last week,  I decided to fast for a few things just for the morning meal because we had a lunch appointment in the afternoon.  On the way to district meeting as we were taking the subway, I prayed specifically to recognize who it was I needed to talk to.  Not only to find someone but to recognize them.  As I got on the subway, all the seats were taken and there was one person standing up by the door.  I first had a feeling to talk to him but wanted to check the next car to see if there was any seats to sit and talk to some one.  There wasn't, so I had the feeling again to talk to the guy standing up. 
As I approached him, I wasn't quite sure what to say but I began introducing myself.  He immediately acknowledged the fact that I was a Mormon Missionary.  Long story short... Super Cool!  This man lives in PLEASANT GROVE!  He is a Korean but is here just for a few weeks because his wife's mom is very sick.  His son is a member.  Brother is a member, but he and his wife aren't.  He has met with missionaries a few times, he mentioned, and is very familiar with the return missionaries that come home from Korea because he owns the Korean Mart in Provo!  Soooo crazy!   It was such a cool miracle.  I didn't get a chance to really talk to him for a long time, but got his number and we are going to meet with him again.
This week has been great!  I have learned a lot and am recognizing the hand of the Lord in His work.
Love you all.
Elder Cole Thomas Johnson

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