Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week 29 - February 8, 2015


Sounds like all is well!  Everyone is looking so happy and healthy, and then there is me... Just getting a little chunky.... I am loving it here!  I am happy, healthy and I am slowly finding myself.  
 ( A meal of Kimchee and Tofu)
  (Elder Johnson in front of a museum in Gwangju)
Each day is an incredible opportunity to learn and grow!  I am progressing and I have realized so much this week.  My potential is infinite and with the help of the Savior, I can become better each day.  I am so grateful for this opportunity I have with the Lord.  It is my time for him to teach me and to shape me into the person I will be for the rest of my life. There is never a point in our lives where we have progressed to our fullest--where we have done all we can and can't do any more.  The most beautiful thing about this life is the opportunity to grow and progress everyday.  Each and every one of us have a special plan and through the Grace of the Savior, we can progress and become better.

I want to share with you guys something that has been on my mind this past week.  It is about the things of which I have just mentioned.  A question that has come to my mind this week is this, "What can I do today that will prepare me for tomorrow?"  As a missionary, there are so many things that need to be done and sometimes it gets so stressful because I don't know where to start.  I try to do each thing perfectly, and I feel like I never move on to the next.  I have realized something that will help me progress faster and will help change my thought process.  That is, Step by step, Little by little, moving forward and climbing the mountain, finding out who God wants me to be, what he wants me to do during these 2 years, giving my best in completing each task and moving on to the next.  I don't have to do each thing perfectly because that is impossible, but if I give my best and rely on the Lord in all I do, then I will learn and be able to progress.

The Korean language has taught me a lot about myself and about these things I just mentioned.  Learning a new language requires a desire to act and a lot of patience.  As I have been studying and learning this language, I really have learned a lot about who I am.
This week has been amazing.  My and my new comp are working hard and praying for miracles.  As I was studying "Preach My Gospel" this last week, I came across a part that talks about prayer. It says that we as missionaries need to pray to be lead to the people that the Lord has prepared for us.  That is something I have been doing ever since I got here in Korea, but the next thing that it says is after praying to find them, "Pray that you will RECOGNIZE them."  That is something I have been doing this week and I have really been led by the spirit.  My prayers are being answered.  I want to share a cool experience that I had this week as I did these things.

On Thursday, Elder Oehler and I just finished with a member visit and as we crossed the street and headed to the bus stop, I just figured that I should just study my vocab.  Well, as we got to the bus stop and as I was looking at my vocab notebook, I saw a person in a blue coat walking toward me.  I had this feeling to talk to them but I just told myself, "Ahhh, it's okay, I'm studying right now."   The prompting came again and the person was getting closer and closer.  I looked up and he passed me.  I told myself, "Ahhhhh great, it's too late now, he is already past me."  I looked back down at my vocab book, and I still had a feeling to say hello to him.  (This feeling was so strong!)   Well, as he walked past me and his back was turned away from me, I yelled, "안냥하새요."   He immediately turned around as if he had just known I was directly talking to him.  Before I said anything else, he started walking directly toward me and smiled.  We were able to teach him a 30 minute lesson on the street and were able to get his number.  We invited him to church, and so we are really excited to be able to meet with him and start teaching him about the Gospel.  He is really prepared, and I hope and pray that he accepts our message.  He told us he went to a church and they lied to him, and so he hasn't been back, but he seemed really interested in us and said he wanted to start coming out to our church to find out more.

I am grateful for the Lord answering my prayers.  When we follow the promptings of the spirit, we are blessed.  In that experience, I really felt the spirit prompt me so strong.
I am learning a lot and am working hard.  This work is progressing, and I am trying to have a purpose behind everything I do.

I love you! Hope all is well.  Happy Valentines day!  Have a good safe week.

Love Elder Johnson

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