Saturday, February 21, 2015

Week 30 - February 19, 2015


This week has been so amazing.  Full of so many tender mercies and miracles.  I hope all is well at home and everyone is doing well!  I want to say thank you for all of the kind Valentine's Day notes from everyone!  That package was so amazing!  Mom, you are the best.  I am so lucky and am truly blessed to have so many amazing people who love and support me through out this incredible journey!

My heart is full of love and gratitude this week.  I have been able to partake of Christ's love and to experience the power of his Atonement in my life.  I have been opened up and have learned so much.  I am progressing and growing so much every day.  I know I say that every week in my e-mail, but it's because I am, and I am grateful for the opportunity that the Lord has given me to use me as a tool in his hands and that I am able to be a representative of him in all I do. 

One thing I learned this week was that I need to become the Lord's "Golden Investigator."  I am opening up to him and allowing him to change me.  I am trying to keep his commitments and learn from each of my weaknesses every day.

The gift of Prayer is real.  Through sincere prayer, we can receive answers to any questions we have or we can receive any help that we need.  I have a strong testimony that the Lord always gives us what we need, at the exact time we need it!  This week I have relied on my Savior in all I am doing.  There have been so many miracles this week! 

Today is a big holiday in Korea.  It's the Lunar New Year.  It is a time where all the families get together and celebrate the Lunar New Year.  From what I've heard, they all gather together to eat a special kind of food called DuckGook (It is a soup with rice and meet, it's delicious)  and  the youth bow to the older people in the family to symbolize the welcoming of a New Year.  Once they have done this, the elderly in the family give the youth money. Today we had the chance of going to one of our member's homes to eat and its was awesome!  Unfortunately, they didn't have any young kids, but it was fun to talk and share a short message!

This last week was zone conference.  It was so incredible!.  I have been spiritually fed. President Shin is really focusing on consecrating our mission, and he has really been focusing on teaching us how to become consecrated missionaries and what things we need to do to give our all to the Lord. 

After Zone Conference, Elder Oehler and I were talking and we really felt like we needed to fast.  Fast to know how we could really consecrate ourselves to the Lord and that we would be led in every aspect of our work through the spirit.  As we were fasting, we came up with a list of a few bad habits and weaknesses that we were willing to give up in order to be consecrated missionaries.  After our fast ended the next day, we directly went out side after eating lunch to 전도 (proselyte).  The first person we talked to walked right past us and didn't want to talk; however, we kept walking down the street but could see no one in front of us.  I had a feeling to look back and right as I did, there was this college student who was right behind me.  As we were talking to him, he said he didn't have any special beliefs and that he didn't really care to have religion.  As we kept talking to him, I could feel his heart being opened up. 

As we got to the tree where his bike was locked up, I just had a feeling to ask him if he had any plans and if he didn't we could go to our church and talk more about our church.  As I asked him this question, he paused for a sec and replied back to us and said he would love to come!  It was amazing! (originally we didn't have any plans and were just going to proselyte.)  As we got to the church, we were able to teach him a little English and then after about 10 minutes, he started asking all these questions about our church and as we explained, he asked for a Book of Mormon and he just kept asking all these questions.  It was a huge Miracle!  The Lord answered our prayer and we are so grateful.  We have been able to meet with him twice now, and we try to call him on some of the week nights to follow up on commitments and build a better relationship. 

I have experienced so many other miracles this week.  I feel so blessed and so thankful for all the Lord is giving me.  I have been praying for five gifts each night:  The gift of Teaching, Understanding of the Book of Mormon, Remembrance, Holy Ghost, and the Gift of Tongues. I have been trying my best to set goals to be accountable to myself and to the Lord.  I have had countless experiences this week where I have seen the hand of the Lord in my life and where I have received answers to these things I have been praying for.  I am grateful for prayer.  It's weeks like these that I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and knows me personally.  He has a plan for me, and I am here on my mission trying to seek for that plan. He is giving me exactly what I need when I need it and I am so grateful for that.

The Book of Mormon is bringing a new light to my life.  The feelings and thoughts I receive from reading it are so real.  I am grateful to serve the Lord.  I am doing all I can to strengthen my relationship with Him and am relying on Him in all I do.  When we rely on the Savior, He is always there to help us.  

One thing I have really come to know here on my mission is that we can never reach our full potential.  There is always space to learn, grow, and improve.  God has a SPECIFIC and SPECIAL PLAN for each and every one of his children and through that plan we must rely on the Savior's atonement.  Because we have Jesus Christ, all things are possible.  We, through his atonement, can become better.  I know that for myself from these past 7 months. 

I love the Lord and I am so grateful for the chance to serve him.  Thank you for all the love and support you show me.  It means so much.  I love and miss my family so much.  I have felt your prayers these past few weeks and am so thankful for them.  Keep sending them my way:)  I love you!  Have a good safe week!

Elder Johnson 

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