Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week 34 and 35 - March 22, 2015


What a week!  I am experiencing things in my life that I never thought I would experience. So many crazy things and so many learning experiences.  I am training and there are so many new responsibilities I have, and I am learning so much.  This training experience thus far has taught me that I really can't do missionary work on my own.  I need the help of my companion and I need the help of my Savior.  This has been a humbling experience, and I am so grateful to the Lord for giving me this opportunity.  I am still a very young missionary, but I am so thankful for all the lessons the Lord is teaching me. 

New companion.  New area.  New Members.  New responsibility.  New adventure.  New Investigators.  New People, and New Blessings.

I am so grateful for the time that I had to serve in Gwang Ju.  I learned so much.  I was able to create some relationships with the members that I will have forever.  I am so grateful for all my experiences I had there in that city.  I learned a lot, met so many people and really worked hard to leave my mark. 

Its been one year since I have received my mission call and 6 months since I arrived here in Korea. It is really crazy how time works!

 (Elder Johnson with some darling friends of his in his new area of Yousang.)

This week has been great.  I am learning a lot about member missionary work.  I am trying to have members come to some of our appointments to help better explain things in depth and to gain a better relationship with them.  One of the most important things in missionary work is establishing a relationship with the member and the investigator.  I have found a few people to meet with on the street, and I came into the area with 2 investigators who are slowly progressing but have a Word of Wisdom problem.  We got a referral from the other Elders last week, and he came to church.  It was a miracle!  The Lord has really prepared him.  I extended a baptismal date to him this last week, but he talked about how he wanted to wait till he graduated  (next year).  I know that as he continues meeting with us, he will understand why this gospel is important. 

Yesterday I went to a member's home in our ward.  It was by far the best member visit I have had on my mission!  Holy cow, it was amazing!  First of all, on the way to the member visit, we were walking in between these apartments and I saw an American kid playing football with another kid.  When I saw the football, I got so pumped!!!  As I went up closer to him, I could see he was wearing a Colts sweat shirt haha.  Me and some of the Elders played catch with him and were able to get his number.  He is here with his parents for his church, so I don't think we will be able to really teach him a lot about our church, but you have no idea how pumped I was to see an American, and let alone..one with an American NFL jersey on!  It was super fun to play catch for a few minutes and break the ball out again! Hah!

After that, we headed to our appointment and when we got to our member's home, it was the nicest apartment home I have been in on my mission.  SO nice.  She prepared the most amazing meal I have had on my mission.  So healthy and goooood!  They had a huge dining table we sat at and it was seriously probably the greatest thing ever.  All the Elders in my home went there.  (There are 4 of us.)  I was able to share a message about service.  I talked a lot about how through service we can come to know who God is.  As I look back on my mission experience, I can name so many times where I have come to know who I am and how I feel the love of God through serving His children.  I am so grateful for a family who has taught me to give selfless service.  I talked a lot about how I am grateful for an amazing mother who has taught me to always give to others.  Through serving, we can really feel the love of the Savior, and we can come to know that we are all children of God.

This gospel is so amazing, and it's really changed me.  I have been incredibly blessed in my life, and I came out here to change myself, learn and grow, and to know what role that the Book of Mormon and the Savior Jesus Christ are in my life.

I am so excited!  This week on Saturday, I will be baptizing Chun Joon Sang.  I am so blessed, and he was and is truly a miracle.  The story of how I met him and the way things lined up, I know for a surety that it was the will of God.  I am so thankful and am so excited.  I have developed such a strong relationship with him.  I really, really love him.

Hope all is well.  Keep your head up.  PACE.  And allow the Lord to be a part of your life.  He will lead you if you let him.  Focus on what's important and Have a good week!  I love you all and thank you for your support!


Elder Cole Thomas Johnson

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