Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Week 36 - March 29, 2015


This week has truly been incredible.  A week that I will not forget.

I had the opportunity of baptizing one of the biggest miracles of my mission.  His name is 천준상.  I feel as if the Lord really lead me to this man.  I am humbled and I am grateful to have been able to have the opportunity of meeting him here on my mission.  I will have that life long relationship with him, and I will forever love him.

I feel as if lately I am being taught a big principle of this Gospel from the Lord.  It is the simple principle of Love.  The Love of God is what heals and changes hearts.  As I have been pondering these last few days of what really matters in this life, the words, "The Love of God," have kept flowing through my mind.  I often find myself meeting with people on the streets, in class rooms, or in a cafe trying to tell people that this is the right church and trying to prove it through scriptures and things.  It really hurt me when people wouldn't just listen to  our message and realize that this is the true church on the earth.  But, I've realized a lot lately.. That's not why I am here.  I am here to love. Love each and every person I come in contact with, with the absolute most perfect Christ-like love. One of my favorite talks is by the Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, called "Love is the Essence of the Gospel.  It just talks about loving and caring for everyone.

(Click on the link above to listen to or read this talk Elder Johnson is referring to.)

A few weeks ago I met with a Jehovah's witness that I met one the street, and he set up another appointment to meet with us.  When we sat down to meet with him before we started talking, I just looked at him and said, "Before we start telling you about our beliefs, we are not here to try and change any of your beliefs, fight or try and force you to believe what we teach.  We are only here to help other people come unto Jesus Christ and add to the truths that you already believe."  As we continued meeting with him, he was just trying to prove specific scriptures to me about what things really meant.  I just sat back and allowed him to talk.  I just had a feeling to let him talk and after he finished (which was like 1 hour after), I finally just bore my personal testimony of the personal truths I know and how it has blessed my life.  I realized that, that is why I am here.  Just to love each of God's children as He would.  I am not here forcing people to believe, just inviting and loving.

The pure love of Christ heals our hearts.  Even in our most hard times.  When we doubt and when we feel like we can't move on, we just have to rely on the Savior's mercy and grace. It's something that I am slowly coming to learn.

I have been able to have one of the most spiritual experiences of my mission and in my life this last week. 

Going back to Gwang Ju was quite the trip!  To make things short, me and my comp were literally .3 seconds from going the opposite way and ending up in SEOUL!!!  Right as the train was taking off, the Spirit told me soooooo strongly, "ASK SOMEONE."  I turned to the next guy to me and was like, "Hey, this is going to Gwang Ju, right??  He said, " Noooo!!"  I literally jumped off the train with my comp and the train doors shut and the train took off!  SO CRAZY!  Me and my comp were dying!!  hahah

As I finally ended up in Gwang Ju, we got the church all set up for the baptism.  It was so good to see everyone again.  The Gwang Ju members and the missionaries who were serving there, I have really developed a strong love for them.

The Baptismal service started, and the Spirit began to fill the room.  Me and 천준상  walked down into the font and the Spirit came into my heart with a  perfect peaceful calm feeling.  As the young man came up out of the water, I knew that the sacred ordinance being preformed was allowing him to start his journey on the straight and narrow path.  The path back to our Heavenly Father.

As the baptismal service continued on, I could just feel a spirit of peace.  I am so so grateful for the Lord leading me to him.  I know that he has definitely become such a huge miracle in my life, and I will forever remember his conversion story.

This week has been great.  Full of mixed emotions and I am continuing to just push forward with an attitude of PACE. I have really taught those 4 letters to each missionary I have had a relationship with here.  It is something I will never forget.  In our most happy and hard times, we must have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE because it really does CHANGE EVERYTHING.

I, also, want to say thank you for doing the Gift of Tongues prayer for me.  I want you to know how much I have noticed it and how much it has helped.  Wow.  It is really amazing how the Lord answers our prayers.  I am praying three times a day for the gift of tongues and I can feel your prayers on my behalf.  My Korean this week has gone up, and I feel fluent in what I know.  I still have a long way.  I don't know a lot and it is very difficult to speak and understand, but I am grateful for the Gift of Tongues.  I know the Lord blesses his missionaries.

It's my Birthday!  My first one on my mission.  I love you all and thank you for all your support.  I can feel your prayers.  They give me strength!  Have a good week!  I am so blessed.  Be safe and remember to show others the Love of GOD!


Elder Johnson

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