Monday, July 11, 2016

Weeks 101, 102, and 103 - July 11, 2016


I love you.  I feel your love.  I feel your prayers and I am so grateful for so many incredible people in my life.  I appreciate your support and I look forward to seeing you all in a short few weeks!

I love the land of Korea. 
Throughout these last few weeks I have developed a love for the people more than I ever have on my mission.  Of course, throughout my mission I have loved these people with all my heart, but as it comes down to the end of my service, I have gained a special love that will remain in my soul for an eternity. 
It's a blessing.  I am truly grateful.
I have been learning a lot about the Lord's timing and His will.  I have also learned much about the characteristics of Love and Gratitude. 
Love is the very Essence of the Gospel.  The Prophet declared it!
The most important, most essential thing in missionary work is love.  Without it, we can't fully experience the fullness of the blessings that come from the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 
I have learned recently, as well, that love is a two-way thing.  In order for investigators to progress towards baptism, they must love us and we must love them.  It creates a special love.  The love of God.  Most investigators have one hour of the week to meet with us, the Lord's representatives.  The absolute most important thing in that one hour of the week is to feel of the Spirit testify of the truth and love that comes from this message. 
I have been recently praying for what it is that I need to do before I return, and I received my answer throughout this last week at the meeting in Daejeon where we met our new Mission President, President Madsen, and I also received a confirmation as I knelt down  and prayed.  It was, "All must know that they are a Child of God."   At the meeting, each foreign missionary stood up and sang the first verse of, "I Am a Child of God," in their language.  We then finished all together with all the missionaries in English, then Korean.  The Spirit was super strong and we all felt the truth of the words.

This week our recent convert, Brother Kim Yung Ho, received the Aaronic Priesthood and his mother came out to all three meetings of church!  (She is not a member but is quite interested in our church)  He is the best!  He is 16 and just such a funny kid.  We play soccer together on Saturdays.  He is changing through the gospel and it is going to give him an eternal prospective throughout his life!

I love you!

Thanks again for all the prayers!

Be safe and jump on Ship ZION!

Love, Elder Cole Thomas Johnson


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