Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Week 100 - June 20, 2016


This week was soooo crazy!

Elder Brown and I have been "out of our minds" busy!

This last week we moved from Cheonan back to Onyang and we had to get everything out of the house in like 5 hours.  We boxed up everything and literally had to take everything down the elevator, load it on to a truck, and then we drove with the moving guy to Onyang and Elder Brown and I unloaded everything..

Onyang has no elevator in its apartment so we had to carry everything up the stairs to the 4th floor!  We literally almost died!

It went really well, and now we are all situated in and the house is SPOTLESS.  We spent four hours cleaning it today and it looks super good!

We also went to Daejeon this week for MLC.  It went really well! 

Elder Brown and I moved so we weren't quite sure what time the bus left, so we woke up in the morning, called the terminal and they said the bus left at 6:40 am..... it was 6:32 am and we live 10 minutes away from the terminal by taxi!  We sprinted out the door.  Got in a taxi and he went full speed to the terminal!  As we got to the terminal, the bus was leaving the parking lot. 

It started heading down the street and we took off running as fast as I have ever run!  We made eye contact with the bus driver and miraculously he stopped and let us in!  Bus drivers are super strict, but this man was a very nice and humble man who let us ride his bus!  It was a miracle!  I was dripping with sweat and couldn't breathe!  Haha

Sister Hwang received baptism!

Our baptism yesterday was incredibly spiritual.  Elder Brown and I, as well as the Sister missionaries sang, "I am a Child of God" at the baptismal service.  The Spirit was stronger than ever. 

I felt the truthfulness of the lyrics.

(Elder Johnson stated:  Brother Kim Dam Yoon's family!  They are the greatest people!)

After the baptism, Elder Brown and I gave our member, Kim Dam Yoon, a hug and he started to cry.  Tears filled his eyes with happiness and joy!  We, through the Lord's help accomplished a big dream of his.  Sister Hwang is special and Brother Kim's family is changing my life!  Such good people and examples!

I saw Jake Westbrook this last week.

It was a great experience.  He is a stud and yes, he can speak Korean very well!

I love you so much.  Stay safe and follow Him in all you do. 

He will lead you!

Have the greatest week!

Elder Cole Thomas Johnson


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