Monday, July 27, 2015

Elder Johnson Meets a Special New Friend from Nicaragua

(Elder Johnson was thrilled to meet a man from Nicaragua where one of his best friends, Elder Copeland, is serving his mission at this time.  Both he and Elder Copeland had their farewells together on the same day and both left for their missions the same day, so to find someone in Korea that was from Nicaragua was really thrilling for Elder Johnson.  He instantly felt a connection.  Here is how he explained it:)


 I had the feeling that I should go talk to a guy that I saw on the street, but I ignored the feeling.  But then, I went over to talk to him and ahhhhh!  I was so pumped when I found out he was from Guatemala!  I had a few pictures of Elder Copeland and I and told him all about Elder Copeland.  I had a few of Elder Copeland's e-mails and some pictures of places that he has been.  This guy said that he lived very close by where Elder Copeland has served.  I am going to meet him again in a week.  Soooo cool!



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