Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weeks 51 and 52 - July 13 and 20, 2015


A new start.  A new beginning.  A new transfer. 

For about the last three weeks the words, "TRUST IN THE SOURCE," have been flowing though my mind.  Each and every thought ties back to those four words.  I have thought a lot about how I will step up this transfer by applying those words in my daily missionary work.


I have recently found myself asking the question that Enos asked the Lord,

"Lord, How is it done?"

As we study the prophet Ether's words, we can know.

..."By FAITH all things are fulfilled."

In order for us to step up Celestially, we must deepen our knowledge of the Savior, Jesus Christ.

In this last conference, Elder Teixeira explains it perfectly, "A deeper understanding of Jesus Christ will give us greater hope for the future, and despite our imperfections, more confidence in achieving our righteous goals.  This will also grant us a greater desire to serve our fellowman."

When we deepen our knowledge of Him, we trust in Him.  We rely on the Source.

As we step up celestially we must, 

1. Seek the Lord. 

In 3 Ne 12 when Christ appears in the Americas, he give an invitation to His people.  To us. He says, v3. "Come unto me." 

v2. "See me, and know that I am.

v1. "See me, and know that I am. 

Although we can't see the Savior, we must follow Him and His teachings.  We must Seek Him and His will and by doing so, we can "see" Him in our own way.  We will find, though, our testimonies will be strengthened as we seek a deeper knowledge of Him and His atonement. 

I have noticed a pattern throughout my mission. After every spiritual experience, there is always a test of our TESTimony.  If our TESTimonies weren't TESTED, there would be no progression and therefore we could not deepen our knowledge of Him. 

2. Rely on the Lord.

As I thought about relying on the Lord, I came to realize that we must first live as HE does. Coming to know Him requires an enduring effort on our part and an ongoing will to constantly seek to do better.  I am slowly coming to understand that, "Perfect Love casteth out Fear."

We can find comfort in D&C 6:36:  "Look unto me in every thought, Doubt not, Fear not.

3. Look to the Lord. 

In high school, I wore a wristband that said, EYES UP.  DO THE WORK.  I have noticed that as missionaries, we do a great amount of walking.  I have found myself hanging my head some days and looking at the ground.  When we keep our eyes up and "look to God and live," we show faith that we are trusting in the Source and deepening our Knowledge of Him.

Elder Cole Thomas Johnson


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