Friday, April 1, 2016

Week 86 - March 13, 2016


This week has been GLORIOUS.

I don't have much time but I will try to tell you a few really cool experiences that came out of this week.

Yesterday, Sunday, we had four investigators out at church!!  And also one less active that we found last week.  He is from the Philippians and he is such a cool kid.  He and Richard are becoming such great friends and Richard's testimony is helping him back into activity. RICHARD IS THE MAN.  His testimony strengthens mine, and he is keeping all commandments and is being so blessed.  He has shared countless sacrifices he has made for the Lord and each time we have been able to trace back and pull out many different blessings that both he and we have received.  He is one of my best friends, and I am so grateful to be able to spend time with him and to grow in the Gospel together. 
Our investigators with baptismal dates didn't make it our to church yesterday because of a last minute thing that occurred, but we will be moving them back a week and trying to get them baptized then.

Another one of our investigators that we have been preparing for baptism is super close to accepting a date. 

There was a crazy story that happened this week. 

I will explain it really simply. 
On Friday morning after we fasted as a zone, Elder Jung and I were sitting at home in the morning and right before we were starting personal study, a phone call came.  We answered and it was someone who saw our English advertisement and wanted to meet.  She sounded a little bit older and she also told is she didn't have any English interest at all but that she wanted to learn about our church and attend our worship service.
After the call was ended, we called one of our members and asked if she would meet us at the church at 7 pm for a lesson.  We ended up meeting the girl who called with our member at 7 that night and as we were getting to know her, we realized that she described her family the exact same way as our other investigator.
We had no idea if they were related, and we didn't ask any questions of that sort.
She was so Golden.  She was talking about how she felt something special and that she felt that she needed to call our phone number...
 We waited and then met with our investigator the next day, but we didn't ask him if he happened to know this girl... We knew that they both had planned on coming to church and we could ask them if they knew each other when they got there....
Long story Short.  The girl who called us is our investigator's MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THEY BOTH CAME OUT TO CHURCH TOGETHER yesterday and it was amazing!  They have so much potential and we are trying to get them baptized together!!
So incredible.

This week was incredible, and I am so grateful for all of the Lords continuous miracles. 

Love you have a safe week!

Elder Cole Thomas Johnson

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