Friday, April 1, 2016

Weeks 81 - February 7, 2016

This was one of our miracles this week.  We were on the bus and I saw this guy and started talking to him.  He is from Kenya. 
Long story short, we went straight to his home with him and helped him with a few things he said he needed help with and taught him the Restoration.
We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and he seemed to have a lot of interest.  He is such a cool and nice man.  He invited us in and gave us some Kenya 
snacks and a special Kenya drink. 
Right before we started the lesson, he turned on some Kenyan Gospel music and it was great!  Hahah He is a great guy.
This is one of my investigators in Daejeon and one of my closest friends in Korea.
When I moved to Onyang, he finished high school and was baptized in Youseoung.  (I was able to do his baptismal interview right before I left.)  I came here and it ended up that his family lives here in my area, and so because he finished school, he came back to his home town which is the area that I am in. It is a big blessing because we are really close and I think I have been able to help his progression a little bit more in the church. 
I think I am going to transfer, so we met a few times this week and took pictures.  We are super close. 
Transfer calls will come tomorrow.  President told the mission he needs more time.

Elder Cole Thomas Johnson

(This weekend and today is the big holiday in Korea. 설날 Chinese New Year. 
Super fun.  Lots of good food and traditions on this day.)

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