Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Weeks 89, 90, and 91 - April 17, 2016


This week has been great. I have been listening to the 182 Semi-Annual General Conference because it has been on my i-pod shuffle and I haven't known it..... But I have been uplifted in so many ways by the Spirit of the Lord.  I have listened to the talks repeatedly and have learned a great amount.

I want to invite you to read or listen to Elder Holland's talk in the Sunday morning session and Elder Hales talk in the Sunday afternoon session.

By Elder Holland

By Elder Hales

(Click on the links above to read or listen to the talks Elder Johnson is referring to.) 

This week was great. 
I can't remember if I shared this with you, but Richard has the Aaronic Priesthood and is ordained to the office of a priest.  He is the man.  My best friend. 
This last week was very special as well as our new convert Lee Min Seoung received the Aaronic Priesthood, being ordained to the office of a Priest as well.  He is such a stud.  His attitude towards all things is so great.  He is always smiling and is positive.  My favorite member in Onyang bought him a suit and gave it to him yesterday at church.  He loooks super goood.

This last week we have been focusing on finding new investigators to teach!
It has been very upbeat and uplifting.  We have found so many cool and interesting people this last week.  We have met with them and they seem to have a little interest in the message we are sharing.  We are excited to continue teaching and helping them progress.

One of our investigators now is living alone.  He is divorced and has had a very rough life since his divorce.  We are helping him to understand Jesus Christ and His Atonement.  He has a firm belief in God but doesn't understand why we need Christ.  We invited him last time to pray in the name of Jesus Christ and to ask for understanding.  He did so.  The next time we met and followed up on our commitment, he told us of his experience and what he came to know for himself (testimony).  He said, "Without Christ we are nothing.  We can't go anywhere and we cannot progress."  Very cool experience and we look forward to continue helping him on his personal path to salvation!

Dad just sent me a quote that I want to end with. 

"If, in the end, you have not chosen Jesus Christ, it will not matter what you have chosen." - Neal A Maxwell

I love you all.  Have a great week and be safe.  Follow the Spirit in all things.


Elder Cole Thomas Johnson


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