Saturday, October 4, 2014

Week One - July 31, 2014

Family!  I miss you like crazy! 
How are you?  What's everyone up to?

First week!  I can't believe I am on my mission!  Seems like yesterday I was starting my first day of 9th grade!  The MTC is awesome.  The first few days were extremely long.  They were some days I will never forget.  One thing I learned very early was that I have to strengthen my relationship with my Heavenly Father.  I can't do anything without him.  It is definitely hard being a missionary, and it isn't something I am used to.  But, I am starting to slowly adjust to the schedule, and I am beginning to love my mission.  There isn't another mission out there other than Daejeon, Korea that is for me.  The Korean language is seriously impossible!!  I am slowly learning things, and I actually am praying in Korean!  It's amazing.  I have memorized the alphabet and have a million flash cards with vocabulary on them.  It's slowly coming!
My District is pretty cool!  We are starting to become closer and getting to know each other better. I am the District Leader and there are many responsibilities that I have.  It's kinda stressful at times, but it is also wayyyyy fun!  My zone is amazing.  We have like 90 missionaries in it.  There are some really cool Elders in it that I have built good relationships with.  But most of them are going to Seoul, sooooo I can only be their friend for like a few more weeks! lol.  But, building relationships is key because if you or they are going through a hard time, you can help each other get through it.  My Schedule goes as follows: 6:30- Wake up and go straight to exercise.  8:00 breakfast.  8:30 planning and them from 9:15 to about 12:50 is personal, language, companion and additional study time.  Then lunch is at 12:50 and then classroom time is from 1:35-5:50.  Sooooo long, but I learn a lot during that time.  It's only Korean.  The teacher will only speak to us in Korean!!  My teacher's name is Sister Lee.  She is very nice and helps me out a ton!  Anyway, at 5:50 is dinner and then we go back to our class room and have class again till like 9:30.  But, during that time we teach a lesson in Korean!  It is so fun, but sooooo hard!
 (Elder Johnson with his district after attending the Provo Temple.)
 (Elder Johnson in front of the Provo Temple)

The MTC is getting better and better each day.  One of my favorite things is seeing all my friends!  It makes me so pumped that we are all out here together doing the Lord's work. There is no place or better thing that we could be doing other than serving the Lord!

I look forward to hearing from everyone.  Thank you for all your love and support.  It means soooooo soooo much. 


Elder Johnson

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