Saturday, October 11, 2014

Week Seven - September 11, 2014


Family!  How is everyone?  Thank you for all your support!  I feel your love and prayers every day.  P day is the greatest.  I am so happy I get at least one day to tell you what's going on haha:)  I love hearing what's going on with things at home through out the week.  Mom, thanks for keeping me posted.  I seriously have the best family.  Thanks so much for your examples and support.  Mom, the packages have been nothing but perfect.  I love all of them.  I got the Timp post card.  Thanks for sending it.  Also, I hope you're feeling better.  Ohhhh, hey while I'm thinking about it..  Did you get my pics last week?  Dad, Thanks for your email.  I love hearing that everything is going well.  I can't imagine our house with only two kids in it.  Just seems weird haha.  I bet it is.  Oh, and of course, there is Bingst to keep Mom company when no one is home:) haha.  Thanks again for your love and support.

This week has been Great!  Not a whole lot has changed, but a few things have happened that I want to share with you.  Something I have learned while being here in the MTC and being a missionary is that after a hard time comes a good time.  Heavenly Father gives us weaknesses so that we can make our weak things strong.  That is definitely  something I have learned.  Ether 12:27 says it perfectly.  I know that Heavenly Father is giving me small trials so I can learn from them and grow while I am here in the MTC so I will be prepared for when I get to Korea.  KOREA!!!!  Holy Cow I am leaving in 10 days.  That is so crazy.  I feel like some days I know everything and others I know nothing... It's weird.  I have to continue to focus on what I know because  when I focus on what I don't know, I  get stressed.. hahah It's funny cuz before I left on my mission I thought I knew what stress was..  Apparently I was wayyyyy off:)  I have definitely learned what stress is.  Stress is a good thing if you use it to motivate you.  It can help you push through things.  Stress can also be a bad thing If you let it get to your head.  A thought came in my mind yesterday morning.  The things I can choose each day are 1. Which tie I can wear, and 2. Whether or not I smile all day and have a good attitude:)  P.A.C.E. positive attitude changes everything.  It really does.  I can't tell you how many times that phrase comes to my head everyday.  I love it.  It motivates me to give my best.

Elder Copeland's email.  WOW. . I am pumped out of my mind though.  I can't believe it's all here.  We are all on the Lord's team bringing forth his Gospel.  This is something that we as friends have been talking about for the longest time, and now it's here and happening.  I  love it.  I can't wait for all of the BOYZ to be out serving in their areas.  I am so grateful to have had such a strong friend group in high school. I love my boyz and pray for them everyday.  It just makes me happy that we are doing exactly what we should be doing.

Sunday.  Fast Sunday.  During sacrament meeting, we had fast and testimony meeting.  We have about 100 people in our zone.  I BORE MY TESTIMONY IN KOREAN!  The sweetest thing ever.  I really worked hard on preparing my testimony before giving it.  I prayed and prayed that I would be able to say what I wanted to and I did.  It was a miracle.  So, as I first got up there to bear it, this may not be as funny while you read it but It was hillarious.  Everyone cracked up.  I said, "Hello, I'm Elder Johnson.  I'm from Alpine Utah.  Then I said, "I am nervous."  But I said it in a Korean way with the word '"nervous" and the Korean ending form.  (Probably doesn't make sense hah) but it was funny.  I went on and bore simple truths of the Gospel.  After I sat down, I felt the spirit so strong.  I was grateful for the opportunity to bear testimony.

My District is amazing.  At first you don't know everyone, but I have grown a love for all of them and they teach me so much.  We all get along so well, and it's like we have been friends for a while.  Although we like different things, we are all here for the same purpose and I know that, that is what brings us closer.  I will never forget them.  I love them.

The MTC is great.  It's hard sitting in the class room all day, but I am grateful for the things I am learning.  I learn so much everyday.  The food is kinda getting old.  I have to have a good attitude about it though because I know that when I get to Korea I will have to find food.  It won't just be placed in front of me:)  I am beyond ready to leave the MTC:)  Hah but I know when I leave, I'll be wishing I was back here learning.  But I know I will learn so much in the field.

The rain storm this week was sick!!  Haha  Me and some of the elders went and played in the rain!  We got soaked.  It was amazing.

All is well, and I am really trying to buckle down and learn a lot.  These next 10 days are going to come fast.  I will be in my first area before I know it.  CRAZY.  I love everyone and hope all is going well.  Thank you so much for your support.  I have been studying the word "Gospel" this week and it means GOOD NEWS.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is good news.  It really is.  In our mission conference on Sunday, one of the speakers said that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest gift that has ever been given to us.  Then he went on to say that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest gift that you can give.  I really believe that.  I am grateful for Joseph Smith kneeling down and asking for an answer.  If he didn't do that, I know I wouldn't  have the happiness that I have in my life.  I have really gained a testimony on the Power of Prayer this week.  Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers.  

I have really come to know what sincere prayer is, literally putting all my energy into a prayer.  He answers my prayers.  I am so grateful that I can learn and grow everyday.  I love this gospel and can't wait to share it.  I have been called to Korea for a reason.  I will find that reason soon.  I love everyone.  Thanks again for all your support.

Elder Johnson

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