Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week Three - August 14, 2014


This past week has been awesome.  There have been a lot of good things that have happened.  First off, I am so grateful to be a missionary.  The power and authority that comes with being a missionary is truly amazing.  I think sometimes we don't realize the blessings and power that missionaries have.  This week I have noticed a bunch of different things.  I am grateful for everything that my Heavenly Father has blessed me with.  I have been so blessed in my life, and I know the best thing that I can be doing now is serving the Lord and bringing the Korean people back to Him.  I can't wait for all my crazy cool experiences that I will have in Korea!

On Tuesday, I went and sang in the choir for the devotional.  The power and spirit that hymns have is incredible.  We sang "Nearer my God to Thee."  The choir director has so many cool stories and ways to tie the songs into  spiritual thoughts.  He talked about how God gives us trials so we can become closer to Him.  That is something that I have really noticed while I have been out on my mission.  When you go through hard times, you just have to pray and ask for the help and strength that you need to overcome a hard time or a big trial.

After the devotional on Sunday, I watched, "The Character of Chris" talk for the second time.  It is amazing.  Elder Bednar said something that really stood out to me.  Testimony:  What you know to be true by the witness of the Holy Ghost.  Conversion:  Consistently being true to what we know.  We need to be converted unto the Lord.   We can't just live on our testimonies.  If we strengthen it and become more like Christ, we can become converted unto the Lord.  That is something I am also working on.  Being converted unto Him so I can have a change in heart.  He said, "Lose yourself in others and you'll find yourself, but you won't be looking for it."

Also, after the devotional on Sunday, I had the opportunity of giving my first blessing.  Me and T Ash gave each other blessings before he left to Florida.  The Priesthood authority is real.  The spirit during the blessing I gave and the blessing he gave to me was so strong!  He said some really good things in my blessing.  After we were done, he told me I said something almost exactly like his stake president said in his setting apart blessing.  I was grateful to speak by the Spirit and to have that opportunity of giving a blessing.  It was such a cool experience to give one of my best friends a blessing while in the MTC.

(Elders Ashworth, Johnson, Paskett, and McCracken)
(Elders Johnson and Peterson)
The Language is getting better!  It is crazy hard, but I am trying my best everyday.  Looking back on the last three weeks, I have learned a lot.  I just focus on what I know rather that what I don't know.  If I do that then I don't get as frustrated:)  Our lessons are getting better.  I am starting to be able to say certain things and I'm very very simply, creating my own sentences.  I sometimes try to speak in English the sentence structure of Korean (if that makes sense?)  It helps me practice the sentence structure and helps me get used to the way they speak because it so much different from how we speak.  I am so grateful for everyone's prayers!  I feel them everyday.  I have been reading in First Nephi this week, and I am noticing things I have never noticed before.  My District and I were talking about how much more we understand from the scriptures from just being a missionary.  It's amazing.  I love the scriptures.  They teach me so much.  I have been reading slowly through them and marking everything that stands our to me.  The word "Faith" is something I circle every time I read over it.  You can never have enough faith.  We have to strive to strengthen our faith in the Savior every day and he will bless us.  
I love and miss everyone.  Hope all is gong well. Have a great week!

Elder Johnson

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