Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week Twelve - October 13, 2014

Family!  How are you? 

This week has been awesome.  I hope all is well!  I Love and miss you family. 

So I have a funny story of something that happened this week.  So we had been out proselyting all night, and we were getting rejected..  No one wanted to talk to us.  So we got on this random bus to see where it would take us.  We rode for about 20 minutes.  (The buses are CRAZY, we ride buses and walk everywhere.  The bus drivers think they are NASCAR drivers, and they cut everyone off and shoot gaps that I would never think they could haha.  I get super car sick on them:))  Anyway, so we got off and we started walking and we ran into these two college students.  I started talking to one and my comp talked to the other.  It was a miracle.  They both were interested and want to learn English and said they would love to hear about our church.  The Lord really does lead his missionaries to his people.  

Anyway, so after we got these two students' numbers, we started walking home.  On the way home, we ran into probably 8 middle school students just messing around on the street.  We said, "Hello" in English to see if they knew English and they said hello back so we started talking to them, hah but they didn't know anything other than hello... So anyway I started asking them what they like to do and where they lived and stuff, then they asked me and I said I played football.  When you say that to the Koreans, they get so pumped!  They go insane haha, so they started going nuts and then my comp told them I was famous in America and then I was one of the best football players haha.  I was dying laughing, so they all got in their backpacks and pulled out pen and paper for me to give them my autograph.  Then after that they started searching me up on the internet and my huddle  profile came up haha.  I showed them my kick return and they loved it!  Haha It was a fun memory!  But I think the exact night I showed them was one year ago from when I tore my meniscus and ran it back for a TD, so who would have thought that a year later I would be on my mission telling that story!  Ha!
 (Elder Johnson is #5 - The pictures the Korean students found on the internet of him playing football and making his famous kick return.)

Things are going really well.  We are still white washing our area.  We jundo a lot.  We went hiking with our investigator this week.  He is really progressing.  I don't understand a lot of what is said during the lesson, but he is doing really well.  We are hoping he comes to church this week!  There is nothing better than hearing your investigator prays for you.  He has such a sweet heart and you can tell he is ready for baptism.  I pray that we can continue to help him.  He talked a lot about me and my comps' parents and how good of a job they did raising us.  He knows we are suppose to teach him.  He is learning and progressing!!

Conference was unbelievable.  I got a lot from it.  I hope you did as well.  My favorite talk was Uchdorf's first talk in the the first Saturday session.  I felt the spirit so strong.  I invite you to read them again.  You can really learn a lot.  They talked a lot about coming unto Christ and receiving personal revelation.

(Click on the link above to watch, listen, or read any or all of the inspiring talks from the Prophet and General Authorities given at this conference.)

We teach a lot of English lessons.  It is great.  But they promise to hear a gospel message after the English message.  My comp and I made  English  class flyers  this week.  We are handing them out.

Hope all is well.  I love and miss you!  Have a great week.

Elder Johnson

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