Saturday, October 11, 2014

Week Eleven - October 6, 2014

Family!  How is everything going?

Wow!  So much is happening, I wish I could tell you everything, I wish you could just be here with me by my side.  I miss you guys a lot.  But I feel your prayers, and I'm so grateful to have such a supportive family.  I have a picture in my pocket and everyone I talk to I show them our family.  They love it!!!! 

So much has happened this week.  I am learning so much everyday.  Missionary work is truly the greatest work.  It is the best!   It is the most important work, and I know that it is the Lord's work, his hand is very involved, and I feel his love everyday. 

Some funny things to start out with.  I have come to realize I have to give up and get over germs lol:) haha  My apartment was so dirty and my comp and I  deep cleaned it so good last week.  It looks super nice!

 The food here is pretty crazy!  We were teaching a lesson to an investigator this week at the church and he brought us food.  We had just barley gotten done eating, and we weren't  that hungry, but if someone brings you food and you don't eat all of it, it is super disrespectful.. He brought us this octopus soup!  It was crazy!  But I had to down all of it.


Everyone tells me I look like Buzz Lightyear.  They say I am huge and my neck and muscles are giant.  Haha lol  Some people say they are scared of me… That's hilarious!   We sleep on mats on the ground.  They are pretty cool.  I like it some nights and others not as much.  I eat rice and like eggs with some like spam ham and kimchee everyday for lunch or dinner. I had a bowl of rice, buttermilk, and sugar that reminded me of home yesterday:)

Anyway, I want to talk about how everything is going and share with you some of the miracles.

This week has been great.  I am still trying to get used to everything here in Korea.  It is awesome. The weather right now is perfect.  I absolutely love nights here.  Just walking the lit up streets preaching the gospel is amazing.  I have realized that this is my time with the Lord.  I know that He will shape me and build me into the best missionary I can be while I am out serving.  I have spent a lot of time on my knees praying, and I know he is there for me.

Me and my companion got in a taxi on the way home from church one night and as we started going to our house, we brought the gospel up.  After the first few questions, I always get lost in the conversation because I don't understand Korean hah, but I felt prompted that I should pray.  So as my companion talked, I sat in the back of the car and prayed my heart out that the taxi driver's heart would be softened and that he would be interested.  Well, it was a miracle!  We got his number, and we are going to meet with him.  I can't wait.

Another cool experience I had was on the bus.  I was by myself in the back because my companion had to sit with a member in the front and I thought... well, here I go… I'm gonna give it a try.  I was sitting next to this college student, and I started my intro questions and stuff and It was a miracle haha.  He spoke English.  He is 100% Korean, and he told me he learned English in Australia for two years.  I basically taught him the first lesson on the bus and right when I got to Joseph Smith, he had to get off.  But I was able to get his number and we met with him.  I hope we will continue meeting with us.
The language,  It is very hard!  I  am not going to lie.  But I really do just talk to everyone.  I do my best and sometimes it is really frustrating and hard on me, but I really focus on having a good attitude.  Every time I open my mouth, I am exercising faith and every time I exercise faith, I invite many miracles.  I know the Lord will bless me if I show him I can do it and work hard.

This week has been great.  Missionary work is exhausting, but I really do give it my best.  1 Ne. 3:7 talks about how the Lord gave Nephi a commandment and he knew he could do it.  I know that Heavenly Father has commanded me to come to Korea and teach his people.  He wouldn't give me that commandment if he knew I  couldn't do it.  I am really focusing on trusting in the Lord.  He always has my back.  

I love and miss everyone.  Hope all is going well. 
I have a lot of faith and know I can do anything in the strenghth of the Lord.  I
love you!  Thanks for the support, I can feel your prayers!

Love Elder Johnson

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