Monday, October 6, 2014

Week Two - August 7, 2014


Family!  How are you?  I miss you guys so much!

This week has been amazing!  I am starting to get used to the schedule and things are becoming normal:)  The language is such a beast.  There are times where I feel like I have a good amount of it down and then we learn something new and  all off a sudden I don't know anything anymore!  Haha!  Our lessons are starting to improve.  Yesterday I went to my lesson without any of my Korean papers to help me.  I wrote down a bunch of sentences in English and was able to say them all in Korean!  One of the hardest things for me is the structure of the sentence.  It is so much different then English.  I am studying hard each day so I can learn more and more.  I pray so hard everyday for the gift of remembering and I notice that I am starting to remember the things I learn each day.  But they only stick if I do my part.  STUDY STUDY STUDY.  I flip through my flash cards every second trying to learn a bunch of new vocab.  Things are slowly coming.  I consider It a miracle with how much Korean I already know.  Looking back on two weeks ago, I only knew how to say Hello and Thank you.  Now I am able to Pray, Testify, Greet, Teach (simply) and a few other basic things. 

This week I have also learned to compare myself to myself and not to compare myself to anyone else in my zone or district.  I have set many goals to help me with my language growth and spiritual growth.  This week I have been studying the topic of Faith.  I have really been studying Alma chapter 32 and Ether chapter 12.  In those two chapters it talks about faith.  One thing I love is in Ether 12 towards the end of the chapter it gives examples of some of the prophets who had faith and did mighty works!  I have been working on strengthening my faith in my Savior.  If I have faith and accept Jesus Christ as my Savior, He will bless me more than I will ever know.  I may not know every detail of the gospel, but It brings happiness and I can't wait to share that with the Koreans.  The power of simplicity is real.  I know that this is the most important work that is on the earth and me and Ty are a part of it.  Mom, how amazing to have two sons out on a mission at once!  We miss you lots.  In D&C chapter 18, it talks about how the sight of one soul is great in Christ's eyes.  It then says, "How great is your joy if you save one soul and bring them to the kingdom of God."  That is what I am doing.  How great is my joy if I bring the Koreans to the gospel!

 I love everyone so much.  Thank you for all your support.  It means a lot. Send me  lots of "Dear Elders."  One of my favorite things is reading them right before dinner!
Have a good week! 

Elder Johnson

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